Hello, welcome to my world. I am Ma. Janiña E. Amarado , 23 yrs old. I’m currently living in Culipapa, Hinoba-an Negros Occidental, Philippines. 3 years ago I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration major in Financial Management in March 2018.

- Here is my video about my journey as an aspiring        Virtual Assistant.

I am dedicated administrative professional with a diverse skill set that I have acquired on my intensive trainings at Virtual Assistant University and from other training platform. I am efficient and resourceful individual with 2 years experience in clerical works specifically data entry , generating reports and coordinating transactions. I have thought of developing my skills and widening my knowledge further because I believe that everything is a learning experience. I will give my very best to ensure that your operations are running smoothly & efficiently to help you grow your business.

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I explored my life more when I worked in Manila hoping I could find a greener pasture on my career path.  I used to be an office staff from one of the private Chinese companies that lasted for 1 year. Unfortunately, I just realized that living in a big city was not for me , the heavy traffic and the expensive living . After I resigned on my job in Manila I decided to take a Civil Service Examination and grace from above I passed. Fastforward , I have experienced almost 2 years in private companies in Dumaguete last 2019 and  Cebu for 1 year & 7 months specifically Mandaue Foam Industries Incorporated. For this experienced I have gained the right knowledge and acquainted myself in clerical works like data filing , recording , generating reports and coordinating transactions with subordinates.

Due to these trying times we are facing last year the Covid 19 pandemic and even up until now, I decided to resign and relocate back to my hometown just to be near with my family since I believe that be with family is more important at this time. This starts my VA journey and change my perspective in life to live on my dreams, to pursue what I really want to do and not with other people terms. I decided to look for better opportunities or an ideal job that I’m dreaming and that is to become a Virtual Assistant.