About Me

Hello there, My name is Analyn! I graduated last year 2020, in the course of Marketing Management at Angeles University Foundation. Seeking the opportunity to be a Virtual Assistants whose willing and eager to learn new things. With the help of Virtual Assistant University I was able to learn the duties of a Virtual Assistant. With experience in Social Media Marketing, Creating Online Content, Lead Generation, Web Development, Canva, Filmora, ClickFunnel and ManyChat and Zapier. Furthermore, gain more knowledge about reaching audience through the use of Social Media Management and Strategies.
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Mindanao to Visayas and to Luzon chasing goals!

I am the third of our siblings, I’m originally from Mindanao but now residing in Pampanga. During my teenage years I have always seek opportunities to get education without asking my Mother for support, since my Father died when I was four years old. At a young age I seek jobs so that I can support myself. I became a working student  for several years just to get education without asking my Mother for support. From Mindanao got an opportunity to go to Visayas  to finish my Highschool but unfortunately things did not favor on my ways and stop going to school. I ended up in Manila and  worked to support my family for a year.  However, it did not end my goal to finished studies, several years later I finished my high school through the help of Alternative Learning System. When I was given a chance to continue my studies in Pampanga, I took that chance and from Manila I came to Pampanga and attended ALS then enrolled in college and graduated at Angeles University Foundation. I had an online clothing shop but lasted only for few months, then worked in a restaurant handling their social media for a month however due to pandemic the owner sold it and new management took over and lessen their staff.

Life is full of surprises struggles life lessons just keep moving forward!