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“Winning isn’t everything but wanting to win is.”
My 3rd time to win at the office raffle in 2019. I tried my best to get qualified and to get more entries as I know I am not only helping the Site but also getting incentives like these freebies.

( CSAT / FCR Drive)  depends on the score, qualifiers get a raffle entries everyday  

A Team player is committed and communicates to the team for success. They lend a helping hand. The one that recognizes and acknowledges the mistake. They have the 3 R’s responsible, reliable, and respectful.

This picture was taken in the office back in 2013.

In my 11 years Career in Customer Service I am dedicated to giving not only a word-class customer experience, or to put a smile back on my customer’s faces but also to be able to give back to my family. It is such a wonderful feeling that above all the regular salary you got to bring extra at h0me from hard work and dedication.(Christmas basket, Raffle winner)

The Goal Setter

Being good at the field or career you chose is not by accident, it requires hard work and dedication. If I want to achieve something I wrote it down, and create an action plan. I don’t put myself under too much pressure but it’s important to set a timeline, taking action, and evaluate progress. Setting a goal is also a good motivation and guide for someone to achieve their desire or intentions. You should be clear about your main objective at work and at the moment. You should know what do you want to achieve by the end of the day.