Hello I am Hilanie Nieva.
For the past years when technology is not that popular and all I know is to play outside with my friends, I am always afraid to use and try different applications or technology because I might do something that will ruin it. But everything changed when I step on my 4th year of High School. In that time I met different applications and technologies that I found myself interested in. Robotics and programming are one of them.

When I turned college, I enrolled BS in Information Technology for the purpose of enhancing my knowledge and skills in this field. I want to
explore different parts of Information Technology. We had activities and projects in that school that really help me boost my confidence in I.T field. When I graduated, I told myself that learning should not end here. I should still gather information that will help me, so I have never expected that I will be an I.T Instructor for 5 years. In that, my knowledge broaden and I also gave a chance to share it.

Now that I am taking a new path as a Virtual Assistant and got my training at Virtual Assistant University, it opened a new door for learnings.
WordPress is one of the training that helps me enhance my existing knowledge at web developing. And for this, I still have a lot to learn so I can help individuals who need it.