Hilanie S. Nieva

Virtual Assistant / I.T Expert

Work with me!

When I turned college, I enrolled BS in Information Technology for the purpose of enhancing my knowledge and skills in this field. I want to explore different parts of Information Technology. We had activities and projects in that school that really help me boost my confidence in I.T field. 

Core Competencies

WordPress 90%
Video & Photo Editing 89%
Office & Admin 85%
Social Media Management 85%

Get to know me more as I took my very first interview as a Virtual Assistant!

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Web Development

It is one of the skill that I have learned on my college time and up until now I really got the chance to use it with my client. VAU helps me to enhance this skill and showed me different tools.

Video & Photo Editing

On my previous job, I have been task to do some video and photo editing to be posted on our website and to some of my colleagues.

Office & Admin

I have an intern before I graduated at college were my primary task is to assist at production department and give proper documentation of all the items that is purchased and to be used.

Social Media Management

On my intern at Virtual Assistant University, I have experienced to manage social media like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


Check out my latest project, I will be pleasured to help you as well!

Lead generation
Product Advertising
Instagram Marketing
Shopify Store


For your reference, these are the list of applications that I am able to use that can benefit you.