All About Me

I am Geraldine Reserva, 34 years old, happily married, and a proud mother of two lovely kids. I graduated Bachelor of Science in Commerce major in Management at Mater Dei College.

I was a Store Manager in Chowking, a Food Service Industry before I decided to become a full-time mother.

My worked experience as a Store Manager molded me to become an effective and efficient individual because it did require me to go beyond what should be done. I was overall in charge of the store operations and my main tasks are finding ways to increase sales and providing excellent customer service because this will help the business prosper. I also did some administrative tasks since I reported directly to the franchisee and was her right hand.

My eagerness towards having a stable career doesn’t change. And being a virtual assistant is the perfect avenue for me as I will have enough time for my family and at the same time have a stable job that I’ve been dreaming of.

My internship at Virtual Assistant University gives me additional learnings and skills on how to use different tools and be equipped for me to become an effective and efficient virtual assistant. The extensive training in Virtualasting is my weapon for me to work successfully and deal with my client effectively.

I am honest, responsible, motivated, flexible, and a team player. I am a fast learner and self-directed person who can communicate effectively which will result in meeting even the most demanding challenges.

I am looking forward to being of help in your business. I will do my best shot and I can be one of your assets. Let’s work together to make your business more profitable.

My Interview