About Me

I graduated Senior High School at Southern Philippines College with flying colors in the strand of Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM). I'm currently living in Cagayan de Oro City Philippines. I was planning to study Medical Technology in college but due to the pandemic, I need to find a job. I chose Virtual Assistant work because it aligns with my passion on technology and the internet. I'm Lomejane Babao an independent woman who have 3 months of experience working as a Personal Virtual Assistant. For my work Emersion, I experienced working at the Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) in our city. I can help you with your design by the use of Canva, which I love the most. Since I was a student I love creating simple design and spending most of my time on computer. I want to help you on your Word Press and Click Funnels. If given a chance on Automation, Chatbot, and Product Research, etc., I can give help and willing to learn on that. I'm a very trainable person and willing to learn new things in order to help your business succeed.

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