Welcome to my Page!

I am Marren Arienda – 24 of age. I am a Filipino, residing in Malabon City. I am a teacher education graduate.

I used to serve as a full-time missionary for 18 months. I believe this was the happiest moment in my life. I got to serve the Lord by meeting different people in the streets, teaching groups, and individuals and even communicating thru technology. I learned to adjust, deal and communicate with people who have various backgrounds and beliefs.

I also learned to create social media content for the mission page. I also learned to be completely selfless, charitable, and of good service to people.

In my teenage years, I used to do well in delivering speeches and dramas. But it was all written in my mother tongue. I also had the chance to be a feature writer for the school newspaper – written also in my own language. Until I entered college, my skills in writing English content were challenged. I gradually learned how to transition from writing Tagalog essays to English articles.

I also love designing, creating posters for events. I used to take a Visual Graphic Design course at TESDA.

Months after I graduated, I applied as an ESL teacher in 51talk. I learned how to teach the English language to different learners.

These learning experiences have helped me to become more resilient and desirous for learning. I love serving the people around me because through genuine service, I have found myself- my gifts and my strengths.

I am excited to see what more will I’ll be able to offer to grow your business 😊