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" Let me tell you something about myself. "

I was born and raised in Valenzuela City, Philippines. I’m married and have one beautiful daughter. 

I’m a former Overseas Filipino Worker for 8 years in the Spa industry. 

Also, I’ve been in the BPO for more than 2 years as a Customer Service Representative.

My main goal is to assist my clients in accomplishing their target goals and opening doors to success, according to the timeframe. Make the goals possible! 

Started in 2020, the inspiration to keep family intact working from home during the most difficult times of the pandemic, while helping businesses grow and pursuing my dreams to have freedom of time, has greatly influenced me to engage in online training.

My commitment to quality outputs, exceptional services, and incomparable care of my client’s business will be my battle cry in this industry. I will never stop improving! 

A promise that I will continue to expand my knowledge and keep learning new expertise based on how I can best serve my future clients.

My Motto:

Learning is a continuous process.

Every expert was once a beginner.

Be professional, but friendly at the same time.

Training Attended

My Vision and Mission

My Vision is to be an excellent and trusted online virtual partner. To deliver outstanding services while building my client’s business success.

My Mission is to provide my clients with the best solution to their needs and explore alternative approaches to deliver premier outcomes.

My goal is to build our success.

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